Van der Wees and transport go hand in hand. In terms of our road transport, our expertise lies in the field of long transport; the famous ‘convoi exceptionnel’. We can transport lengths of up to 65 metres – Van der Wees makes all the difference. 

Ever since 1907, Koninklijke Van der Wees Wegtransporten BV has been providing specialised road transport; from expert preparation to implementation by experienced staff. We boast a comprehensive and highly diverse fleet of vehicles, including trailers for transport up to 65 metres, specialised trucks for ADR transport, heavy transport trucks with 5-axle semi low loaders for loads up to 3.10 high. Our latest extendible trailers can even transport up to 65 metres in length. This includes, for example, transporting the wings of wind turbines.

We now work throughout Europe, with a clear focus on the Benelux, Germany and France. To do so, we hold long-term permits and exemptions.

A suitable solution for any transport!