Transport heavy refinery columns

Van der Wees is well-known for specialised transport over land and water. An example of this specialised transport over the waterways is the transport of refinery columns from the manufacturing location in Cleves to Rotterdam or Antwerp. Project manager Wouter Kock says: “The columns are …

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Royal Van der Wees invests in the Future!

Three new and unique trailers for transporting windmill wings   Van der Wees enjoys investing in the future. This is why, back in October, we expanded our fleet of cars with three brand-new extendible trailers for transporting up to 65 metres. With these trailers, we …

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Precision work: Van der Wees transports the Hafenmund Bridge to the right location

It was a precision job; in early October, Van der Wees made an important contribution to the installation of the new Hafenmund bridge in Gelsenkirchen. With two linkable pontoons, the 580-tonne bridge was sailed to its place and put into position. A challenging transport with …

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