Storage and transhipment of general cargo, steel pipes, sheet piling and stripping and stuffing of containers; all of this is possible at Van der Wees. With a 550 metre-long quay and our 104 tonne capacity quay crane, we can handle a whole range of projects. Storage and transhipment in the broadest sense of the word 

Our capacity is regularly used by installation and dismantling services for the offshore or transhipment of cascos. The logistics pillar also includes value added logistics. This may include sawing pipes and sheet piling, sliding and punching sheet piling, cutting lifting holes, marking and re-stamping steel.

Our quay crane can lift 104 tonnes and unload 25 containers per hour at a distance of 23 metres. This allows us to tackle large-scale and especially short-term projects.

With the direct connection to the A16 -E19, a railway connection right by the door and the quay directly on the Oude Maas, we are your partner for any logistics issue.

Stock management

We can also take care of your stock management, including online stock management, of your stored goods. You can use the below link to log into the Van der Wees stock management.