Van der Wees can tackle any loads that cannot be transported by road or using conventional shipping due to weight or measurements. With our extensive fleet of pontoons, tugs and pusher craft, we can handle every load.

Koninklijke Van der Wees Watertransporten B.V. has specialised in transportation via water, towage services and offshore services for many years. Wherever you are in the world. We’re on hand to help people who don’t know where to start when it comes to transportation from A to B. We can accomplish a great deal with the right combination of our vessels for a range of purposes. Regular towage services for dredging or offshore, launching bridges, launching of hulls along with dedicated yacht transport from the shipyard to the final destination.

Van der Wees is familiar with waterways and can dispatch, calculate and engineer any transport for inland waterways and overseas. In addition, our expertise means we are well-known among various institutions and we know exactly where to be when it comes to gaining permits. We’re aware of the bottlenecks and know how to respond to them. This is all thanks to a strong team of experienced skippers, contractors and project managers.