Royal Van der Wees invests in the Future!

Three new and unique trailers for transporting windmill wings  

Van der Wees enjoys investing in the future. This is why, back in October, we expanded our fleet of cars with three brand-new extendible trailers for transporting up to 65 metres. With these trailers, we have at our disposal two complete sets (2×3 trailers) for transporting windmill wings. This makes us one of Europe’s major wing transporters.

Wind energy is one of the main sources of sustainable energy. As a specialised transport expert, we enjoy making a contribution towards the future of this sustainable source of energy. This means that we also have to respond to current developments in this area. Windmills are getting bigger and bigger. Today, they produce up to 4 MW of power rather than 1 MW.

Accordingly, the blades are also getting bigger and heavier. Not so long ago a windmill sail was 39 meters in length, while now it measures 65 meters long. “We saw this as an important reason for investing in new trailers”, said John Harmans, Logistics and Road Transport Manager. “In this way, we can continue to serve the market. With the three new trailers, we now have a total of six wing trailers that can be specifically utilised for this type of transport”.

The trailers are 3-axle, three times extendible, hydromechanically steered and hydraulically sprung. Because these trailers are hydromechanically steered, you can use it for over one metre upwards, meaning high obstacles can easily be taken. With these additional options, we can continue to reach the most difficult corners of Europe with these 65 metre-long transports. Van der Wees Wegtransport BV makes it true!